Association de preservation hardware – software

Association finalement crée en 2023 numéro R.N.A : W032007162

Basé en Auvergne, cela fait 21 ans que je me suis mis a vivre mon « échappatoire », en préservant restaurant et conservant tout ce matériel de dingue ainsi que beaucoup de logiciels et jeux (copies bêta et originaux) sans relâche.

Atari Jaguar Console scan is complete. Files can be found here:

Thanks to my Ko-Fi donators for funding these scans.

And a special thanks to @Virtually_noted for donating the console.

Many thanks for the positive feedback, especially to all those who offered to be beta testers.
I don't have many PCBs at the moment and can therefore only select a few of you as testers. If more are needed in the future, I will get back to you.

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